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Deciding to add a verandah area to your home can be a big decision for you and the family. There are lots of positives for building a verandah, whether it is about adding value to your property or opening up more livable spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

By building a verandah on your property it can make an area become intimate and welcoming rather than a large open space, it creates a sense of gathering and socialising. Being able to sit around with family and enjoy the view and life as it passes by

All verandahs are built with timber and or steel depending on your home and what you're wanting to ensure a strong and stable structure for your home that will last for a life time.

Paul will custom design your verandah to suit your property and keep its existing character in mind. Paul possesses the skills and expertise needed to build the structure exactly the way you have imagined it. 

Paul guarantees all his workmanship and follows all the proper safety and building standards assuring you will receive a quality product and service. 

Areas We Service

Paul has built many verandahs in the surrounding suburbs around Melbourne, including Endeavour Hills, Rowville, Dandenong North, Lysterfield, Narre Warren, Doveton, Mulgrave, Hallam, Eumemmerring and Hampton Park to name a few.


Let's chat and see how we can help you with your new verandah and create an outdoor space you can all enjoy for life.

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Before and after images


Verandahs built by Paul

Balcony rebuild Scoresby 1
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 2
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 3
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 4
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 5
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 6
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 7
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 8
Balcony rebuild Scoresby 9
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 1
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 10
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 11
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 12
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 13
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 14
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 2
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 3
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 4
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 5
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 6
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 7
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 8
Endeavour Hills verandah builder 9
Glen Waverly Verandah repair 1
Glen Waverly Verandah repair 2
Glen Waverly Verandah repair 3
Glen Waverly Verandah repair 4
Glen Waverly Verandah repair 5
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 1
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 2
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 3
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 4
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 5
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 6
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 7
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 8
Pergola rebuild Wheelers Hill 9
Porch Dandenong
Porch Dandenong 1
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 1
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 10
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 11
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 2
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 3
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 4
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 5
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 6
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 7
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 8
Repair sunken verandah porch Kew East 9
Veranda Roof sheets replacement Hughsdale 2
Veranda roof sheets replacement Hughsdale 3
Verandah  roof replacement Endeavour Hills 02
Verandah 05
Verandah 06
Verandah 07
Verandah 04
Verandah 08
Verandah Rebuild Endeavour Hills 1
Verandah Rebuild Endeavour Hills 2
Verandah Rebuild Endeavour Hills 3
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 1
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 2
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 3
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 4
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 5
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 6
Verandah rebuild Wheelers Hill 7
Verandah 01
Verandah 03
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Paul's Home Maintenance
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Paul's passion for building and doing home maintenance and repair work comes from his love of working with his hands and the outdoors and is a true handyman. He guarantees all his workmanship and treats all jobs as if it was being done on his own home. Paul services his local area, Endeavour Hills, Narre Warren, Rowville and the Greater Dandenong Area.

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